Saturday, 3 October 2009

Welcome my new blog "The Other Night on Gonzo Loves". It is the successor of "The Other Night on 120 Minutes...", which sadly saw no new playlist postings after January 2009, when 120 Minutes was discontinued. The hole in MTV TWO's schedule has never adequately been filled, as with the hole in our hearts. The best we have today, is "Gonzo Loves...", which has been on MTV TWO for quite a while, usually once or twice a week for an hour on late weekend nights. It has become a nightly feature of MTV TWO on 6th September 2009. Now, almost one month on, I hope that at least Gonzo Loves... stays with us. The selection of music is nowhere near 120 Minutes, really. Unlike 120 Minutes, there are no classics, or special late discoveries. There is only the hot new stuff that comes in. And while you were safe from seeing stupid rubish when watching 120 Minutes, such stuff can be on Gonzo Loves. GL is definitely not as eclectic...
Well, I could go on about how brillant 120 Minutes was, but I better stop whining. GL is definitely more exciting than the all-day playlist, which is reason enough for me to offer you daily posts of the GL playlists.
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